This Holy Hush Within

There is this holy hush just beyond my window,
as if the earth is waiting for some life-changing event
to take us beyond what we have always known.
I hear the sudden noise of a low-flying plane
whose roar fades as quickly as it comes–and wonder.
The field of corn stands at attention, waiting,
thousands of tassels waving in the early morning breeze,
and I feel in my spirit that another type of harvest is coming
as surely as the mourning doves’ calls that accompany the silence.
A rush of gratefulness overwhelms my spirit, as I remember faithless days
when descended darkness nearly extinguished everything I knew and loved.
I look and listen and know the certain love
of the One who loves me like no other,
the One in whom I find contentment unbelievable,
joy unspeakable, purpose unequalled,
and once more I welcome Him, this Holy Hush Within.

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